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Detetctive Chief Superintendent Paul Wilson GOLD COAST QUEENSLAND


In 1988 in Airlie Beach Queensland on a Friday morning at
      approximately 8.50 am Detective Paul Wilson, ( ),

of the Queensland Police
      hurled a 6 liter can of paint from the 2nd mezzanine floor, of the
      Airlie Beach Hardware Store in Shute Harbour road Airlie Beach,
      directly onto my head & neck as I was kneeling on the 1st floor
      inspecting cleaning products on the bottom lower shelf I required for
      for my business that particular day.

      The event was eye witnessed by a Australian Government Registered
      Accredited Accident & Safety Officer for the construction site of the
      New Daydream Island resort in the Whitsunday Islands.

      Detective Paul Wilson fled from the store via the side loading
      entrance despite cries of protest from the accident & safety officer,
      who was shouting for every body too stay where they were in the store.

      My injuries were extensive I suffered massive soft tissue damage &
      severe injury to my brain stem ( in the region of some 45 % or more ),
       ( later intentionally underestimated in documents  by my  nefarious
      lawyers acting  unbeknown to me for the interests of Queensland
      Government insurance companies, & Qld Law Society Insurance Company;
      fraudulently  documented the brain stem injury at only 24%).

      The extent of my injury entirely reduced my capacity to speak &
      comprehend, six months after the injury I was barely able to move or
      speak at all.

      Fourteen years later my capacity for speech & comprehension was still
      vastly diminished.

      Directly after my attempted murder by Detective Paul Wilson, Cowling &
      Virgo  lawyers Mr Bruce Virgo & close associates of Detective Paul Wilson  knowingly
      & intentionally filed fraudulent public liability insurance claims
      against the Airlie Beach Hardware Store.

      Despite my protests to the contrary.

      Cowling & Virgo lawyers & in particular Mr Bruce Virgo appeared to have a
      working $$$$$$$ business relationship directly with Detective Paul Wilson that
      involved also the only known chartered accountant in Airlie Beach at
      the time doing their books.

      Some five months prior to my injuries inflicted by Qld Detective Paul
      Wilson, I was advised by Detective Paul Wilson to get out of town or I
      would be having an, "  Accident  ", as I had refused his demands to
      become involved in his cocaine importation empire with his business
      associates, Airlie Beach National Parks officer " Marty " the
      Chartered Accountant & lawyer  Bruce Virgo.

      Such was the extent of my injuries & the manipulation & orchestration
      of the events by these lawyers they convinced me I was going to loose
      any legal action & would have to pay all of the associated legal costs
      of everybody & I should accept a insurance company cheque for

      About 48 hours after acceptance I was advised by the owner of the
      local newspaper I had been seriously swindled & to seek legal advise
      out of town, which I promptly did.

      Lawyer in Gladstone Qld Mr Barry John Ross, advised me on my 1st
      interview that he had directly received " Serious Threats " regarding
      any further pending legal action in relation to my injuries. Such was
      the nature of these serious threats a concerned Mr Barry John Ross
      himself nervously personally escorted me to my vehicle that evening.

      Despite serious threats I instructed Mr Barry John Ross to *secure my
      eye witness & his statements regarding the events of my injuries & to
      proceed with a legal action against the
      Queensland  Police Services.

      Contrary to my explicit instructions Mr Barry John Ross proceeded to
      seek professional negligence damages from the Qld Law Society
      Insurance Company?.

      I personally spoke to the Queensland Law Society Director Mrs Quintin Bryce, (
      Today's Australian Governor General ),  then a director of the
      Queensland Law Society & made her fully aware of the facts regarding
      my injuries & who  was directly responsible, ( Qld Police Detective Paul
      Wilson ).

      Not at all satisfied with the response of Mrs Quintin Bryce I made
      appointments & traveled to Brisbane to the Qld Law Society offices &
      spoke to them again.
      The woman I spoke too in the offices of the Qld Law Society claimed
      Detetctive Paul Wilson was a boyfriend of hers.

      Soon after while on the Sunshine Coast my vehicle was stopped by
 Queensland Police man
      Detective Paul Wilson who was driving a Ford Falcon I was instructed
      to get into the passenger seat & then Detective Paul Wilson put a
      pistol to the side of my head and said " Your Not Going To give Me Any
      Problems In The Supreme Court Are You Now ? ".

      I then promptly contacted QC Mr Tony Fitsgerald who was at that time
      in command of the Qld Government Fitsgerald Inquiry, I spoke to
      numerous people & submitted my concerns to the Fitsgerald Inquiry,
      nobody there seemed concerned.

      Soon after shots were fired at night in front of my girl friend Doctor
      Alison Anne Morris residence.

      Numerous dangerous attempts were made at speed to force vehicles I was
      traveling in on expressways from the road.

      I spoke privately to Detective Martin Webb of the Sunshine Coast
      Police & he was very concerned regarding my personal safety & the
      safety of Doctor Morris.
      Detective Martin Webb visited our residence to check our home security
      & by this stage he was deeply concerned for my welfare as I had
      advised him of all of the facts regarding my injuries.

      Detective Webb was so concerned he registered me as a * Qld Police
      Informant & said to me " Anyone comes inside this house uninvited kill
      them " & call me immediately & I will fix it up ! .
Detective Martin Webb also said to me Your life is in grave danager as you have seen too much & these corrupt Queensland Police Officers will kill you one way or another & its Easier for them if your in Jail.

      From my personal experiences that I have documented Here ; its quite
      clear the Queensland Police Services & Queensland Law Society are
 responsible for    my compensation damages for my serious injuries.

The Queenlsand Police Services in conjunction with the Queensland Law society & its Director Mrs Quintin Bryce were aware of the dire consequences of my Eye Witness giving Evidence in the Supreme Court of Brisbane & his motives for Attempting to Murder Mr Matthew Lucas Banks who had previously eye witnessed Det Paul Wilson Murder a fellow Queensland Police officer in CANNONVALE AIRLIE BEACH. Along with the Fact a clear Link was established between the Queensland Police Services & Queensland Law Society's direct involvment in Importing vast quantities of cocaine into Australia.

      The Queensland Police Services & Queensland Government are entriely
 responsible for my
      injuries & my legal entitlement to compensation & damages with
14% compound
      interest from the date I sustained those injuries as Queensland
      Detective Paul Wilson was officially on duty at the time of my

      The testimony of my eye witness Australian Government Accredited
      Accident and Safety Officer was Deliberately concealed right
      throughout all of the legal proceedings, despite Death threats made
      directly too that accident and safety officer.

      The Supreme Court Judge deliberately concealed my evidence, ( no eye
      witness testimony or eye witness was called in my defense in court? ),
      & when I stood up and announced to the court the entire proceedings
      were a charade & that my injuries were sustained from my attempted
      murder by Queensland Detective Paul Wilson.

      I advised the court of all of my experience in Airle Beach with the
      Judge repeatedly telling me to, "  Shut Up ! " .... " Shut Up !!  "
      ..........." Shut Up !!! " & exposed the entire truth of the matter to
      the court.

      The Judge demanded the court stenographer strike from the record all
      of my statements.

      She refused & was screamed at by the Judge & claimed it was unlawful
      to tamper with court records, she was removed from the court room and
      another stenographer was bought in.

      The supreme Court Judge instructed me to go sit with the court bailiff : { I was too be Arrested & Murdered in Jail }

      I then told the Judge & Court Room I was a registered Police Informant and gave my
      informant ID & numbers too him.

      I also told the Judge & Court Room I had placed detailed sealed documents regarding
      my experience and injuries  with the press with instructions to open
      them IF I did not return from court in 48 hours.

      The judge instructed me to leave the bailiff & once again to take the
      witness stand  where I had defended myself with NO legal council in a
      closed court for two days.

      At the residence of doctor Allison Anne Morris of Alexander Headland
      on the Sunshine coast in late 1994  I was contacted by telephone on
      Doctor Morris  unlisted number & as Doctor Morris listened in on the
      2nd telephone we were advised by a woman in the Qld Law Society that I
      was going to be  "  Set Up in Court  " by  the Queensland Police Insurance
      company & Queensland Law Society insurance company.

      Numerous times The Queensland Ombudsman was alerted to the facts.

      Numerous times The Queensland CJC was alerted to the facts.

      Numerous times The Queensland CMC was alerted to the facts.

      The Queensland office of the Premier was alerted to the facts.

      The supreme court judge then said he wanted to see an out of court settlement :

      From the $250-$350k settlement I was advised was my entitlement with
      14% compound interest from the Date of my injuries,  in court my Qld
      Law Society controlled lawyers instructed me to accept $50k settlement
      to be paid in full within three months.

      Two years later I was sent a cheque from the Queensland Law
 society for  $25k only :

      Due to the ongoing extensive  injuries I sustained from Qld Detective
      Paul Wilson I lost my business & my ability too support myself
      financially & endured agonising endless pain & suffering to the extent
      I was suicidal.

       Despite visits to specialist doctors over many, many  years I could
      not find pain relief of any kind from medication.

      The vast amounts of medication I was instructed to take caused me
      serious liver & kidney problems.

      I was forced to seek extensive alternative medical treatment
      Acupuncture , Chiropractic & remedial massage three times per week
      just too maintain my ability to move & think.

      Over the period of time from my injuries to the court proceeding my
      personal costs for this treatment exceeded Aust$75k.

      At age 29 I was instructed by doctors on the Sunshine Coast I would
      never be able to work again & should take a government disablity
      pension,............ I was devastated.

      Despite this doctors instruction my lawyer Barry John Ross demanded me
      to ignore it.

      Due to the serious nature of the threat from Detective Paul Wilson &
      the lethal actions of insurance investigators , & for her safety &
      well being  I was forced to end a loving and caring relationship with
      Doctor Morris.

      I am now also forced from the threat of Detective Paul Wilson for the
      safety of my 7 &1/2 year old son & wife to reside outside Australia as
      an Australian Citizen, barely able to financially support them.

      I am seeking  my original legal entitlement from the Queensland
 Police Services  of
      Aust$350k - $450k with my entitlement too 14% compound interest from the date
      of my injuries sustained by Queensland  Detective Paul Wilson .

  My inquiries  found that the "maintenance of secrecy, the avoidance of
  scandal, the protection of the reputation of the Qld Governmnet the
  Qld Law Society & the Qld Police  and the preservation of its assets"
  was more important than justice for the victim.

      I was advised in person by the eye witness Accident & Safety
  Officer  that numerous    copies of his accident
      report are kept for his *personal Security after death threats by
      Detective Paul Wilson.

    Any resident from Queensland that has been charged or arrested & imprisoned or threatened by Queensland Detective Paul Wilson to become one of his cocaine Mules or Dealers


Should contact me urgently regarding a Legal Class Action for Damages & Compensation from the QUEENSLAND GOVERNMNET & Queensland POLICE SERVICES
& the Queensland LAW SOCIETY.

contact Mr Matthew L. Banks

Queensland Commissioner ATKINSON & Inspector Hickey can no longer claim they no nothing about Drug Dealing Queensland Police, they have known of this complaint for Years as has ANNA BLIGH the Queensland Premier.

Those who have been Wrongfuly Convicted & Imprisoned in Queensland should form Vigilante Groups & Met out their own Justice against the Queensland Police Regime

Have the Guts too stand Up Fight back ; 10,600 police in Qld and 3/4 of them are Corrupt, Drug Dealing parasites, that dont have the guts to be criminals without the Queensland Police Uniforms or Badges & the Support of the QUEENSLAND LAW SOCIETY'S corrupt Judges & DRUG DEALING LAWYERS like Mr BRUCE VIRGO .

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

International & domestic investigative journalists have described a , " Closed Doors Star Chamber like Justice System functioning within the Brisbane Courts " , Sanctioned by the Queensland Law Society, Queensland Police, Queensland Government, Attorney General CMC, CJC, LSC, & Queensland Premier Anna Bligh .

The attempted Murder of Mr Matthew Banks by Detective Chief superintendent in 1988 has been bought to the *attention of all of these Queensland Government Departments & NO Action has been taken despite the Legal Facts & that their is NO statute of Limitations For Attempted Murder in Queensland which has a Maximum sentence of Fifteen years Imprisonment.

The Acts of the Law Society Member Lawyers Mr James Grevel , Mr Bruce Virgo, Mr Barry John Ross are all clear Evidence of the close association between Queensland Police Services Corrupt Drug Dealing Police Importing cocaine into Queensland & being protected by the Law Society & a, " Closed Doors Star Chamber like Justice System ", protecting these corrupt police.

Cocaine Imported into Qld by Queensland Police & Lawyers is distributed in a network along the entire Eastern Seaboard of Australia to the Melbourne Underworld, of which I have clear evidence.

Along with Detective Paul Wilson murdering a fellow Queensland Police officer in Nrth Qld in 1988 which I & a woman eye witnessed.

The coroners report on that murdered police officer today reads death by suicide :

The murdered police officers Wife is Entitled too know the Truth & be awarded the correct compensation as she was Aware Threats were made too her Husband prior too his murder.

Queensland'ers will recall from the Mid l1970's too the 1980's where dozens of Deaths & Murders in custody of Innocent citizens falsely convicted in Boggo Road Jail took place.

The Queensland Police have formed in conjunction with nefarious Queensland lawyers a vast regime of power to secure their criminal network & see it is Free from investigation, which directly points too commissioner Atkinson & Senior Police having knowledge of this network.

When a justice system fails as it has in Queensland, then a Vigilante IRA style justice system formed by the Victims & Victims families is required to restore the balance of Justice implementing summery style executions of corrupt Drug Dealing Murdering Queensland Police.

Until the Queensland Justice system is restored and Law & Order is maintained :

The question must be Asked how many Queensland citizens have been falsely charged & Imprisoned by Detective Paul Wilson in his 38 years of so called service ?.

When it takes the Queensland Government Twenty two years & they still cannot Act too see justice for my case of Attempted Murder with the most credible Eye Witness Australia's Most Senior Government Accredited Registered Work Place Accident & Safety Officer , who saw Detective Paul Wilson attempted too murder me while on Duty, then run from the scene of the Crime.

Then the Queensland Government is grossly Defective :

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